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Why Hollywood Won't Cast These 12 Actors Anymore


Getting your big break in Hollywood can take years of toiling, filled with constant rejection and heartbreak. There are countless stories of actors who finally made it big after decades of trying.

Once they’re on top of the food chain, the grim reality is that it’s also hard to maintain your A-list status. The years of hard work can end in the blink of an eye, and you can find yourself irrelevant again.

Hollywood is a hard mountain to stay on top of because everyone wants a crack at the peak. The actors on this list have reached the top, but have been knocked off and can’t seem to get back up. To find out who they are, watch the video!

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Dane Cook | 0:00
Jim Carrey | 1:29
Matthew Fox | 2:33
Jessica Alba | 3:29
Sarah Michelle Gellar | 4:18
Billy Zane | 5:17
Tom Welling | 5:55
Christopher Mintz-Plasse | 6:28
​Katherine Heigl | 7:07
Jennifer Love Hewitt | 8:22
Taylor Momsen | 9:18
Julia Stiles | 10:10

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