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In Bed With Kayan: “It’s difficult for me to fall asleep unless I’ve had a really long day”



With a Hindustani classical musician for a mother and a Kathak dancer for a grandmother, Kayan aka Ambika Nayak grew up in a home filled with art and culture. The vivacious youngster is now famous as a singer and DJ in the contemporary indie music scene. “My family is from the entertainment industry, so they’re all understanding of my work,” says Kayan, whose peppy single Be Alright and her edgy social media posts have made her quite popular during the pandemic (126k followers on Instagram).

She admits to being a total cat person, saying, “I’m absolutely in love with my cat Suki, short for Sakura.” Why the two names? “We raised Suki believing Suki was a girl, but one day his body changed and we realised he was a boy, so he went from being called Sakura to Suki.”

Define your style statement.

Anything I do or wear. It all depends on how confident you are.

Would you go out for a date with a person you got acquainted with on social media?

No. I almost did once, but I’m really glad I didn’t as I’m in a happy relationship now.

A relationship rule you follow?

Be honest.

Your favourite song?

Crew Love by LP Brent Faiyaz.

A podcast you listen to?

Girls That Invest.

Do you consider yourself a rebel?

Maybe one with a cause?

One thing you do for your mental health.

Share my thoughts with friends and family as much as I can.

A health shot you swear by.


A fashion item you hoard.

Crop tops.

The makeup item you can’t do without


Describe yourself in a hashtag.


This or that?

Jazz or heavy metal?

Jazz. It was introduced to me in music school and I vibe with it.

Madonna or Gloria Estefan?

Madonna because she’s a sex symbol and cool.

Love or arranged marriage?

Love marriage if I had to get married…but whatever floats your boat.

Playing DJ or performing live music?

Tough pick. They are completely different but both are exhilarating.

Bedside stories

Do you fall asleep easily?

No. It’s really difficult for me to fall asleep unless I’ve had a really long day.

Your midnight munch?

It’s usually pizza.

Your breakfast in bed?

On the occasions I do, it’s usually an egg, toast, fruit, juice and coffee.

What do you wear to bed?

Silky nightsuits.

From HT Brunch, March 27, 2022

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