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Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #45



Weekly Spotify playlist:  

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Daily J – “Left Me Like Summer”
  2. The Paper Kites – “Gates”
  3. M83 – “I Need You”

With close to nine million streams on Spotify, “Left Me Like Summer” is the most popular song from psychedelic-indie band Daily J. The song’s lyrics, similar to the song’s title, compare losing someone you love to losing summer and the feelings that come with it. “Left Me Like Summer” comes off of the band’s 2020 album “Venus Ate Mars.” 

Every song from indie-folk band The Paper Kites makes me feel nostalgic and “Gates” is no exception. Lead singer Sam Bentley’s voice is incredibly calming, smooth and unique. This song in particular shows off Bentley’s vocals accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar track. Although slow, this song is anything but boring and has beautiful harmonies throughout.

“I Need You” is a song from the “Divergent” soundtrack by electronic-rock group M83. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it sticks out from the film’s soundtrack. This is definitely a song to listen to on a hot summer’s night while driving with your windows down. The song combines an electronic instrumental track with breathy vocals, saxophone and a rock-inspired drum beat.

Daija’s picks

  1. Lewis Watson – “creases in your clothes”
  2. Rex Orange County – “It’s Not The Same Anymore”
  3. Lorde – “Writer In The Dark”

“creases in your clothes” is the recent single from Watson. This song was written and performed three years ago during a livestream Watson hosts called #onehourwednesday. The lyrics about wanting someone so much all you want to do is hug them forever pairs well with his simple, but beautiful, guitar instrumental. 

There’s just something about the way Rex Orange County, also known as Alex O’Connor, starts off this song. With the guitar strings being so clear and his smooth, soft vocals greeting you from the start, you truly feel the emotions he’s expressing. The song is about O’Connor growing up and going through bouts of depression, but realizing that the past is the past and his future will be better.

“Writer In The Dark” is a stripped-back and vocally powerful song off Lorde’s second album “Melodrama.” The song is so raw in not only Lorde’s vocals, but the meaning as well. With a simple instrumental playing in the background, you really hear the roughness and emotion in every word she sings. The lyrics about missing an ex so much that they live on in your writing, but also having the ability to move on, will resonate with a lot of people. 

Angelina’s picks 

  1. Pecos & the Rooftops – “This Damn Song” 
  2. MercyMe – “I Can Only Imagine” 
  3. Mumford & Sons – “Woman” 

Obtaining just over 70 million streams on Spotify since its release in summer 2019, “This Damn Song,” is the perfect heartbreak song. The opening line says, “I don’t wanna hear the good side of this goodbye. If you wanna go, baby just leave.” Singer-songwriter Pecos Hurley is describing a love interest choosing to leave him, but he has reached the point where he is done fighting for them to stay. The rest of the song describes the rollercoaster of emotions you feel after a breakup and the small things that still get to you. 

“I Can Only Imagine” was the breakout single by Christian-rock band MercyMe. It quickly became a #1 song on mainstream radio and is now the best-selling, most-played Christian song of all time. Written by lead singer Bart Millard shortly after he lost his father to pancreatic cancer, “I Can Only Imagine” is about what it might be like when you are at the end of your time and standing in front of God. In 2018, a film named after the song was released and tells the story of Millard’s childhood in an abusive household, a broken relationship with his father, and finding forgiveness through music. 

Mumford & Sons’ 2018 single “Woman” is a happier one, describing the love and awe musician Marcus Mumford has for his lady. It talks about looking into the eyes of the person you love and just being so happy that they let you call them yours. It is the perfect song to dance to with your significant other. 

Parker’s picks

  1. The Band – “The Weight”
  2. Jim Croce – “I Got A Name”
  3. Emilia Jones – “Both Sides Now”

Originally the backing group of Bob Dylan, The Band became incredibly popular when they struck out on their own, developing a massive following from 1968 to 1977 before the group dissolved. “The Weight” was the first single of The Band and led to a barrage of great music. The lyrics act as a ballad of a wandering traveler who encounters various, colorful characters. With a contagious chorus, “The Weight” is one of the greatest songs ever written. While the original track is marvelous, the version from “The Last Waltz” soundtrack is even better because it features The Band alongside the fantastic Staples Singers.

Jim Croce’s “I Got A Name” was released as a single the day after his tragic death in a plane crash. It also happens to be his best song in a long line of great music. The lyrics are all about being proud of yourself and your accomplishments no matter how big or small. The acoustic fingerpicking perfectly melds folk and rock together in a melodically pleasing tune. 

“Both Sides Now” is a beautiful song by Joni Mitchell, one of the all-time great singer-songwriters. However, Emilia Jones’ version from the film “CODA” is not only marvelous, trading Mitchell’s guitar strumming for a simple piano arrangement, but resonates well with the arc of Jones’ character in the film. The lyrics are simple, colorful poetry and make for a folk song that you can’t forget. 

Sean’s picks

  1. Prince Daddy & The Hyena – “Curly Q”
  2. Alkaline Trio – “Radio”
  3. Spanish Love Songs – “Losers 2”

The first single off of their upcoming self-titled record “Prince Daddy & the Hyena,” the song ”Curly Q” highlights a softer side of the band’s sound. Being their first song released on label Pure Noise Records, this song features a blend of the band’s typical instrumentation, while playing to positive lyrics in a more melancholic sound. This song is exciting and brings light to a new sound sure to become popular within the future sound of emo rock.

“Radio” by Chicago native band “Alkaline Trio” is the last song on their 2000 released album Maybe I’ll Catch Fire. This song is one song of vaguely upset lyrics and a catchy yet fitting sound for the topic being sung. This song is nearly a classic song for the band, holding nearly 21 million streams on Spotify. It overall captures some of the best of the band’s lyrics and instrumental in years, which can be explained more recently by Frontman Matt Skiba’s break from the band to join Blink-182 for their most recent two albums. 

LA rock band Spanish Love Songs’ newest album is one of commentary on the sociopolitical changes and viewpoints of our world in the past few years. The song “Losers 2” speaks to the dread of money in our world, according to the speaker’s point of view of feeling unable to ever do more than get by. Though these feelings may be severely depressing, it puts them into a concise story, one that may lead the listener to ultimately think about their own surroundings and want change.


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