Paul Dano Helped Zoë Kravitz Find A Cat For An SNL Sketch


“Let’s find this f***ing cat.”

She needed no help at all to absolutely kill it, but it was a nice surprise when her The Batman costar Paul Dano showed up for a pre-recorded sketch.

Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Warner Bros.

The sketch, called “We Got Her a Cat,” starred Zoë as herself and saw her receiving a cat from three SNL writers who thought that there would be no greater gift for Catwoman than a “woman cat.”


The three writers — Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy, and John Higgins — make up Please Don’t Destroy, a sketch comedy group that joined the SNL writers room this season. In addition to writing on the show, they make weekly pre-recorded sketches like this one.

Unfortunately, the cat — named Snugglebucket — kept getting lost despite the group’s best efforts to keep track of her.

They tore the office apart looking for the cat, but they found Paul Dano living under a couch instead.


In case it’s not clear by now, this sketch was an absurdist fever dream.

He had a very good reason for being there.

After upending the office some more and thinking they’d accidentally killed her, the group found Snugglebucket and reunited her with Zoë.

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