These Celebrity Kitchen Pantries Are Incredible


BRB, moving into Khloé Kardashian’s pantry.

It’s no secret that the homes of the rich and famous tend to be over the top — but I had no idea that included their kitchen pantries too!

It turns out that celebs spend as much time designing their storage spaces as they do the rest of their home…and it definitely pays off!

Take a step inside these stunning celebrity kitchens…

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Khloé recently gave a tour of her newly renovated snack “closet,” and it’s packed with every type of food you could imagine. From trays filled with dressings and sauces to baskets of canned goods to baking goods stored in individual dispensers, literally nothing has been forgotten. Of course, Khloé has her signature stacked cookie jars, as well as shelves filled with dishes that could probably rival her mom’s dish room!


Kim Kardashian‘s massive pantry matches the vibe of the rest of her house.

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Much like Khloé, Kim also has her own oversized pantry…although her design is a little more minimalistic. The room fits right in with the rest of her home’s wabi-sabi aesthetic and includes the essentials for a late-night snack.


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s light and airy pantry is perfect for her Hamptons home.


With numerous cookbooks under her belt, it only makes sense that Chrissy Teigen‘s pantry is well stocked!


Even the kitchen appliances in Mandy Moore‘s pantry are aesthetically appealing.


Yolanda Hadid‘s fridge is so legendary that it has its own Instagram account.


Whitney Port has the prettiest kitchenware I’ve ever seen.


As an HGTV personality, Jonathan Scott is pretty much obligated to have a put-together pantry.

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