Jennifer Lopez’s New Video Has Ben Affleck Cameo


I’d recognize those shoulders anywhere!

Attention! Jennifer Lopez has a new music video, and it features an appearance from her IRL partner, Ben Affleck.

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The first Ben reference in the video comes with a black and white pic of the actor atop her piano…

…which yes, very dramatic:

But I did not bring you here for a mere photo! No, Ben himself pops up in the video!

I mean, just his shoulders and the back of his head — but it’s still Ben!


You may be wondering if this is just a Ben lookalike, to which I’d throw out that J. Lo herself shared a fan compilation of this footage that had the caption,  #BenAffleck #Bennifer #truelove.”

There’s also his hand, “Creation of Adam” style.

Look at them frolic!


Meanwhile, I am writing this article alone in bed. I’m fine!!!

This isn’t the first time Ben has popped up in a J. Lo music video — remember his not-so-subtle appearance in the 2002 “Jenny From the Block” vid?

SME / Via

I am sure some of you reading this were not alive then.

Which means that — although it has been 20 years — we are still talking about a Bennifer music video!!!

You can watch the full video for “Marry Me (Ballad)” here.

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