List of the Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Recommended List of the Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Recommended List of the Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Many people will probably tell you that Christmas songs are a part and parcel of Christmas. You might want to disagree if you are a very strong opponent of commercialism. Personally, I believe that Christmas is about simplicity, kindness, and giving. I think it is a message of love and peace and that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

In the old days, before Christmas, when the houses were not decorated, the children would sing songs about the winter and the wonderful feeling of warmth under the starlight. This content is imported from their website. The children sang songs such as; “The Night Before Christmas” and “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.” Children singing Christmas songs is probably one of the best things about the holiday.



When you are looking for Christmas music, remember that the holidays are a happy time of year. If you are watching your budget, don’t buy CDs that are overpriced. Instead, if you want to make your holiday season more enjoyable and beautiful, spend your money on some nice and pretty paper.


It was the great artist, Kevin Clark who created the song, “Jingle Bells.” You can hear the original on the left side of this page, while the updated version, “Let it Snow,” is on the right. In case you don’t recognize the words, that’s where the title comes from, “Let it, Snow.” This cheerful Christmas classic has been heard on numerous different versions, including the one by ABC and radio jingles, as well as numerous Christmas albums.

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One of the most popular Christmas songs ever, “Jingle Bells” is also a very important jingle bell song, especially if you were told that you were “part boy and part girl.” For many parents, the tune makes their beloved carol very happy as they drive down the driveway in the early morning hours. Another reason that “Jingle Bells” is such a favorite is because of its sophisticated lyrics. Much of the content is imported from Old English Common Saxon, and this includes a number of symbols associated with Christmas, such as candy canes, bells, and icicles.

The most popular version of “Jingle Bells” is actually part of a series of Christmas albums called “A Christmas Carol.” The original song, performed by The Royal Metallers, can be found on this disc. Part II of this series was composed by Various Artists and features artists like The Royal Metallers, The Who, Elton John, and Eric Clapton. Unfortunately, if you have not purchased this disc yet, you may want to do that now, before the price increases. This Christmas special has become almost as popular as “White Christmas,” and collectors’ copies of this song are extremely rare. It is also often used in holiday films, as well as commercials, both corporate and local.

Another popular Christmas song that is known throughout the world is “Jingle Bells” by Kelly Clarkson. You can find versions of this song on a number of different Christmas albums, as well as on several different holiday movies. While this particular Christmas song was not written specifically for this Christmas special, you can probably still assume that the lyrics pertain to the holiday. The main vocalist for this band is singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson. In fact, Kelly and guitarist Tim Rice were so into their careers with this band that they actually formed their own sub-group, called Kelly and Tim and The Clams.

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A much less well-known Christmas song is “White Christmas” by the Who. You may not have heard of this band before unless you are a huge fan. This is actually the last single they recorded before their break up in 1985. The original version of this song was also released as a single in June of that year. The interesting thing about this Christmas song is that it is not about the holiday at all, but rather a jingle they did for a television commercial. There is even a commercial for this song which you may have seen during holiday programming, though it is not featured on any current version of this Christmas album.

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