Kids Bedtime Music

When it comes to kids’ bedtime music, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to choose from a handful of songs you know nothing about or settle for pre-programmed favorites. As a parent, you can be as creative and involved as you want in your child’s bedroom. When choosing bedtime music, though, there are some basics you should consider. Here are some suggestions for kids who are starting in their bedrooms and choosing the right music.

Songs with words are great for kids’ nights. They can sing along, make silly voices or play games with words to enhance learning and creativity. There are also songs with rhymes that kids will love to sing. You can teach kids how to say the alphabet song or teach them to read the poem “Goodnight, Sleep Tight.” These songs are great ways to help your child fall asleep.

Some kids enjoy singing songs. If your child has an avid fan base on YouTube or MySpace, you can find some great kids’ bedtime music videos. Choose from popular videos like Baby by Avril Lavigne or Blanket by Justin Timberlake. Other kids enjoy classic music like “White Room,” “Cats Don’t Dance,” or “Chariots Do It.” Older kids will probably love The Jackson Five or Boyz II Men.

When it comes to kids’ bedtime music, there is a wide variety to choose from. While some parents opt for easy listening to kids’ songs, others opt for educational kids’ music. If your child likes music videos, check out videos like Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, or Wreck-It Ralph. These shows provide some classic kids’ bedtime music, but they also include helpful information and educational facts. This bedtime routine gets kids thinking, allowing them to learn new things.

Other kids are not content to sit in front of the TV all day. Parents who encourage their kids to play games or read books may notice a change in their children after they start getting some quality rest. Many kids develop an addiction to video games, and they spend hours playing on their consoles. If you have a favorite video game console or rent movies with DVD lessons, you can also use this as a kid’s bedtime theme. You can even choose to play a song from a popular kids’ video and sing along with it.

If you want to create an exciting kids’ bedtime tradition, you can start making up games for your children to play before bed. You can create simple games that incorporate colors, shapes, or music. One game you might consider is a game where you name a color, and your children must match the correct color word from a list of flower images. You can keep adding new words to the game as your children become familiar with the flowers.

Some kids are a little less creative, but you can always find some kid’s bedtime music you can sing along with. Many kid’s music stores carry CDs that feature kids’ music and kids’ bedtime songs. You can check out any local kids’ music store, and they should have some options available for you to choose from. Most kid’s music stores also carry books of kids’ bedtime songs.

You don’t have to limit yourself just to kids’ bedtime music. If you have a favorite TV program you like to watch; you could record a few episodes of that show to use at bedtime. Another option is to record a movie you want to watch. Play that movie at full screen for your kids to watch. It won’t matter what kind of kids’ bedtime music you use, just that you are spending time together. Your kids will enjoy anything you choose to do.


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