Instrumental Music For Kids

Instrumental Music For Kids

What is instrumental music for kids? This may seem like a simple question but the answer isn’t always clear. Sometimes it takes experimentation and some time to figure out what you, as a parent, will actually like listening to. We have some ground rules to go by when considering what kids will enjoy.


Instrumental music is not necessarily pop music or classical music in the classical sense of the word. Many young adults like the 80’s hair metal style of the genre and sometimes even those that were raised on more ‘popular’ music styles find it appealing. The mood of a song is important to young children so if it doesn’t fit in with their desires then it probably won’t work for them.


Instrumental music for kids can range from soft and peaceful to fast and aggressive. If your kids enjoy rapping or have a love of percussion instruments then there are lots of choices for these genres too. Some children may simply enjoy the tone or feel of the music. Other times they may enjoy the way it makes them feel as though they are part of the piece and part of the dance routine too!


You can play these types of music from an album or on a CD. For most songs though, you will need to get instrumental CDs that are designed specifically for young children to learn to play. If your kids are fairly new to the world of music then buying them a CD will give them a head start while they discover how to appreciate and enjoy it.

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When choosing which songs for your kids to learn to play you need to remember that just because they enjoy a song doesn’t mean they will enjoy it as much as a child would. Choose songs with soft rhythms and strong beats. These will be easier for your child to pick up and play along with. They also need to be short and sweet so they won’t grow bored with the songs too quickly. Many kids will be able to play a couple of instruments at a time, so be sure to have a few instrumental pieces that can be played at the same time. These songs can be used in place of something more boring that your kids might be bored with.


When looking for instrumental pieces for your kids you will want to consider the age range of your child. Young children who just started school or those who are just starting to learn to read may not be able to handle some of the more intricate instruments. In this case, you may want to consider some of the less challenging and simpler pieces for their first few lessons. If you know in advance what your child is going to be capable of handling then you won’t have to rush through the more advanced lessons. That way when he or she gets to those difficult lessons they will have already had some practice under their belt.


In general, you should choose music that can be played on both the piano or the recorder. This way if your child gets tired he or she can just play that one song instead of having to sit down at the piano and play two or three songs. It is always best to pick some sort of music that your child will enjoy listening to. You don’t want to end up playing “Happy Birthday” to them once they are all set to have a sleepover.

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Once you have selected a few pieces for your kids you will want to find an instrumental music CD that fits the style of the music. Many children’s songs were recorded before they were even born so they already have a feel for what instrumentals will sound like. Even if you have chosen a few choices make sure you get some feedback from your child before you purchase the album. They will probably want some changes along the way. They never know, they may be really happy with the instrumental music for kids and then the following week they will hate it.

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