The Best Surprise Proposal!!! | Planet Hollywood Cancun 2022

Hi everyone! I wanted to give a quick background story on my video. I’ve been with my girlfriend, Tati, for over 7 years now and I knew I wanted to marry her since our first year together. We started dating in December 2014 and took our time to get to know each other. She moved in with me about 3 years later and we’ve been living together ever since. She’s definitely been the grounding factor in my life. We’ve gone through a lot together! She’s been by my side as I opened a business, coached basketball, began a new career – all of it. The latest adventure we decided to do was join forces and practice real estate together. So we are both active real estate agents in Miami, FL. I had no idea that this girl I would meet in Blue Martini would be my partner in life all these years later.

After being together for a while, I felt it was time to finally pop the question! We had always talked about a destination wedding and wanted to visit different resorts in Cancun, Mexico to see which one we liked best. We set up appointments at 7 different resorts and visited them in January 2022. Little did she know that I would propose at the venue we liked most!

I hired a photographer to follow us around and get some great candid secret shots as we walked around the resort. The reason I chose Rooftop 24 in Planet Hollywood to ask her to marry me was because of the view it offers and our anniversary date is on the 24th, which makes it that much more emotional! I walked her up to the rooftop, danced with her and when it was time to get down on one knee, I couldn’t wait to hear YES! Wait till you see her reaction! I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it! Finally #engaged

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