Rica Peralejo mourns death of ‘America’s Got Talent’ singer Nightbirde


Celebrity mom and Christian vlogger Rica Peralejo paid tribute to singer-songwriter Jane Marczewski, also known as Nightbirde.

Nightbirde succumbed to cancer at the age of 31.

Peralejo spoke about the beloved contestant from “America’s Got Talent” in her Instagram page today, Feb. 23, where she shared Nighbirde’s last words, “you don’t have to choose…life is beautiful. Or life is garbage. It’s kinda both sometimes.”

“She has passed away. Her last message included these lines and I have always admired this generation for talking about life the way we should talk about it. Which is broken and beautiful, at once. Which does not magically change in all sorts of fairylike transformations in just a single salvation prayer,” Peralejo said. “This generation has taught me so much about being truly human and so also consequently, so dependent on God.”

Peralejo regards Nightbirde’s life as “so meaningful while you were with us,” taking it as both “a loss and a triumph.”

“You lose a happy and simple life but have inspired millions by the way you dealt with your suffering. That is, authentically. Wanting to live, fighting to live, while questioning why you can’t get it all just like that, so effortlessly like others,” she said.

But for Peralejo, that’s what life is. It can really be “unfair” sometimes.

Image: Instagram/@ricaperalejo

“People who are supposed to live long die early. People who will do great with money are plagued with poverty. People who love children but will never have any. It sucks and Nightbirde has taught us to call it like that without denying yourself the wish that it won’t be that way,” she pointed out.

Peralejo wished she could end her tribute in a “more inspiring note” but she believes that death does not exist to inspire people, and is instead something that ought to allow people “to mourn, to grieve,” and “to honor what was lost.”

“We lost you, Nightbirde. It would not be sad if you weren’t someone we didn’t want to lose,” Peralejo said. “My condolences to your family.” JB


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