MASTER BOOT RECORD Brings The Synthesized Metal On “80486DX”


Master Boot Record, the synthesized metal project headed up by Love, is now streaming their new single “80486DX” off the coming record Personal Computer.

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“I still kept a lot of the sounds that define the fingerprint of the MBR sound,” says Love. “The same lead synth, the same pads, and, in general, the same kind of sound, even though it’s definitely improved. This time I tried to get a more dynamic and warm sound (compared to previous albums) to give it more punch and depth. For example, the lead sounds aren’t so harsh and full of high frequencies. They are much softer and less aggressive than before, leaving more space for the synth guitars MIDIs. In general, I think Personal Computer sounds more metal and more powerful than my previous albums.”

Personal Computer is out May 13. Pre-orders are available here.

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