AMORPHIS Guitarist Calls Russian Government’s Invasion Of Ukraine “A Madman’s Work”


Amorphis guitarist Tomi Koivusaari, much like many musicians across the metal community, is opposed to the Russian government’s relentless attack against Ukraine and its people. In an interview with Little Punk People, Koivusaari called the aggression “totally a madman’s work” and notes that he’s a little concerned for his home country of Finland.

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“This madness, it’s totally, totally a madman’s work, this thing. And I feel bad for Ukraine and of course I feel bad for those Russians who don’t support this and I feel like it’s one madman’s work. And of course as a Finnish, we have a long border with Russia and we have a history with Russia. So of course this makes me, like, worried, of course. Like, what’s happening in the future and if the whole world would go mad someday or something. So it feels like that but I hope this ends, like, very soon because I cannot even find the words to describe. But it’s a depressing thing.”

If you’re looking to support the Ukrainian people via metal bands, check out our growing list of ways to support here.

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