NAPALM DEATH Bassist Says “No One Will Be Prepared” For Next Album, Discusses Irrelevance Of Genres


Napalm Death released their first new album in five years Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism in 2020, and then followed that up this year with a new EP called Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes. Now Napalm Death bassist and main songwriter Shane Embury has taken to Instagram to discuss how genre isn’t exactly a good barometer of how a band sounds, how Napalm Death maybe isn’t a “metal band,” and to reveal that there’s some new material in the works!

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“A mornings thought my lovelies ! Napalm Death not a metal band ? i heard it said recently can’t remember who by ! maybe not but what is Napalm Death ? since i write the music or at least on the last one all of it i can say there’s a lot of metal in there – the more extreme stuff of course – still chuffed with my Massacre and Master !! also the classic D beat stuff and fast paced early boston hardcore – my first atraction way back in march of 1986 was that blend of the 2 of course on the A side of scum – Tom Gabriel Fischer is a massive influence to me as is the mighty Voivod would you believe Cardiacs with Tims eclectic time structures certainly influenced Slaver thru a repeat performance on the recent mini

“but certainly fine tuning my influences now from [Killing Joke], Sonic Youth, [My Bloody Valentine] to name a few … this has been gestating for years !

“i like what i like – somehow i am lucky to have taken all of the wonderful music over the years i have got into or have introduced to by either Mick Mongoose Harris or Nicholas Bullen or bill steer !! and tried to move Napalm Death towards maybe a vision that started perhaps before i even joined the band !! it’s the least i can do

“still a long ways to go

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“but labels ? who needs them ? i will wear my [Voivod] shirt one night and my cocteau twins shirt the next – consciously or unconsciously oblivious to trying to impress – fuck that !

“respect and love for those who know

“no one will be prepared for the next Napalm Death album …. you have been warned 🤣🤘🙏🏼🤣🌼”

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