CANCER BATS Recruits FEVER 333’s Guitarist For New Single “Lonely Bong”


Cancer Bats is now streaming their new single “Lonely Bong” alongside a pretty funny music video directed by Mitch Barnes. The video features Fever 333 guitarist Stephen Harrison stepping in to fill the vacancy left by Scott Middleton, though no word on if Harrison is joining the band in any capacity.

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“‘Lonely Bong’ is a song about life on the road and being in a band. It was a big lifestyle change for us when the pandemic happened and we couldn’t tour,” said drummer Mike Peters. “We missed it a lot. Playing music, seeing friends and fans from around the world. We didn’t even see each other for over a year. LB is a homage to the road life and the blessing it’s been in our lives.

“I like to think that Liam titled the song ‘Lonely Bong’ for me since I’m the only smoker in the band. I would smoke and play drums, working out the songs for the new album alone late at night. Smoking helped to shift my brain from dad/regular life to a creative spot. I was the lonely bong missing his buds.”

Psychic Jailbreak is due out April 15. Pre-orders are available here.

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